Skellet is a construction system that can be used in various applications. The system consists of two steel profiles and a variety of connectors.

The Skellet profile is a cross-shaped, steel tube with recessed surfaces in which holes were punched every 25 mm. Thanks to these holes, a grid is created that offers the guarantee for dimensionally stable construction. Each connecting piece was developed with the same holes and can therefore always connect to this grid, making building with skeLLet very accessible for every type of builder.

The symmetrical tube has four working surfaces in its circumference and eight recessed surfaces in which connections can be made with a range of connecting pieces. All connecting pieces are made of thin sheet steel. The tube profiles can be linked every 25 mm by means of the connection plates and structural blind rivets. Slanted profiles can also be linked to the orthogonally placed profiles by means of hinged connecting pieces. The simplest connection is the T-connection.

With the Skellet building system not only steel constructions can be made for buildings, but also constructions for other applications such as industrial racks, conveyor belts, roller conveyors, racks, roof constructions, etc.


The light Skellet profile (Skellet 75) can be used in heavy applications, such as homes.
Girders in structures for making large spans can be assembled with 2 or more skellet profiles that are connected in height with perforated plates. In this way a truss is created with which heavy loads can be carried. A beam can be assembled at different heights, but if one is limited in height, such as for example at an intermediate floor, the beam can also be expanded in width.

When the 75-profile is no longer sufficient, the 100-profile can jump in or replace the profile when it comes to very heavy applications such as building an industrial hall. The profile can also be used to assemble trusses to handle those large spans.


The design of a Skellet construction is done in multiples of 25 mm. 3D designs with skellet is simple because you can draw on this grid.

Skellet offers a system with which not only a contractor can build, but also a do-it-yourselfer. The creative client himself is looking for solutions to realize his building dream with that one profile and its infinite application possibilities.

In order to digitally design these solutions, each profile and connection was developed with the free software Sketchup. These ‘dynamic components’ are available in the 3D Warehouse of sketchup. In addition, tutorials are available on the Skellet website to learn how to design with Skellet. Designing projects with Skellet is called ‘skelletizing’.

Design your project with SketchUp!

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