For every living style

From timeless classic to sleek ultra modern, with Skellet you can realize every architectural style.

Choice of wall cladding

A traditional brick, wood, aluminum panels, … what the market offers as cladding, it can be built with ease against a Skellet structure.


Also use the unique Skellet building system for other constructions such as a garden house, garage, carport, pool house, storage room, you name it. The handyman can easily get started with Skellet.

Private Builder

Realize your dream home with Skellet according to your wishes, but faster than traditional construction and more cost-effective than other steel construction systems.

Your benefits

Price-friendly: With Skellet, less steel is needed than with classic steel framing. Depending on the chosen interior finish, Skellet can also effortlessly compete with traditional construction.
Fast: Not only the construction process is faster, the drying time of the structural work is considerably shorter than traditional construction..
Super-insulating: Building with Skellet means building without thermal bridges and with moisture-insensitive materials so that the insulation is optimally used.
Expandable: Thanks to the unique profile, you can easily extend your existing home.


Skellet offers architects the opportunity to go further in their designs. The versatility, light structure and compact insulation possibilities allow maximum creativity.

Your Advantages

Versatility: Any shape can be realized with Skellet.
Energy-saving: Effortlessly meet the strictest standards of energy performance
Stability: Homes can easily be expanded without additional reinforcements.
Software: Think and design creative plans with the free 3D software SketchUp, in which Skellet is integrated. At the touch of a button you also get the price of the used Skellet materials.


Building with Skellet is a decisive lead in the sector. You realize a house of top quality faster and with excellent insulation values. Whatever challenge you encounter during the construction process, you will find a Skellet-made solution.

Your benefits

Cost saving: Thanks to the fast construction, you save considerably on man hours.
Easy: The learning time to build with Skellet is very short.
Versatile: With a unique profile and a number of connecting pieces, you can realize a complete structural work in an instant that can easily be fitted with a faƧade.
Education: Skellet provides practical training so that you can start working with the system professionally.

Project developer

Strengthen your reputation and count on Skellet for your projects. Because with Skellet you build fast, high-quality and price-conscious.

Your Advantages

Fast: With Skellet you quickly realize buildings of even several floors
Cost saving: Skellet requires less steel than comparable steel structure systems. Moreover, the speed of installation also means a saving on man hours.
Versatile: Numerous constructions are possible thanks to the versatility and flexibility of the unique Skellet profile.