Steel profiles consist of a huge number of shapes and thicknesses. One shape can absorb more pressure and twisting forces than the other. The more forces a profile can transfer in relation to the weight, the more efficient the profile is. The most efficient form to absorb pressure and twisting forces is a circle. However, tubular profiles have two major drawbacks: they are difficult to connect and it is almost impossible to mount plates against them.

A slightly less efficient shape than the circle is the square. Square hollow profiles are easier to connect than tubular profiles. It is also possible to screw plates against square hollow profiles. The disadvantage is that the thickening of the connecting pieces is in the way when plates are screwed against the square sections.

The shape of the Skellet profile solves these disadvantages! The advantages of the hollow profile are retained and due to the laid back corners, the connecting pieces are never in the way when plates are screwed against the Skellet profiles. The most complex connecting pieces can be used without them getting in each other’s way.

Each Skellet profile has holes on a grid of 25mm. These are used to connect the profiles by means of blind rivets. This hole pattern provides enormous dimensional stability and flexibility, both in design and during construction. A convenience for both draftsman and mechanic!

The Skellet building system consists only of bolted and riveted connections. These can be detached without damaging the profile or connecting pieces. These profiles can then be perfectly reused in another project.

The laid back corners and the grid of holes give the Skellet profile the advantage that small profiles can be perfectly coupled back to a long profile. This means that hardly any waste is created when using Skellet.

The Skellet profile is versatile and can be used circularly. It is also a perfect stock product!

The shape of the profile and the grid of holes give the Skellet profile the unique combination of properties: light, flexible and circular!